Dress Code

Dress code 19-20 applies for all students


  • Pants/shorts must be secured at the waist, belts are buckled, and no underwear or under shorts are exposed.
    • Pants/shorts with holes, tears or rips above knee cap: leggings covering exposed skin 4 fingers above the knee cap must be worn under ripped pants/shorts.


  • Skirts/Shorts – acceptable length is placing 4 fingers sideways above the knee cap
    • skirts & shorts should not be above that level
    • leggings meeting that level are required if skirt or shorts are too short
    • leggings are required if bottom has rips or holes above the 4 finger mark


  • Shirts and tops
    • must be 3 fingers across the shoulder (No spaghetti strap tops or tube tops)
    • No white tank tops worn as outerwear
    • No “off the shoulder” tops – shirts must stay on both shoulders
    • Mesh or shear tops must have the proper top underneath
    • No low neck lines
    • No bare midriffs (exposed bellies); shirt should be long enough cover sides and stomach when arms are raised above the head.


  • Clothing or jewelry that suggests tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, violence, and sex or gang affiliation are not permitted.


  • Hats, head gear: No items that have the potential to cause disruption – such as:
  • hats, hoodies, caps, do-rags, bandanas, or character headbands
  • chains hanging from belt pockets or attached to a wallet
  • jewelry that has sharp points
  • face paint or sunglasses
  • Clothing must be within dress code guidelines UNDER jackets and coats.


  • No flip flops, cleated shoes, backless shoes or ‘slides’ (with or without socks).