Partners in Education

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Orange County Public Schools Partners in Education program links businesses and organizations with schools in relationships that enhance student learning and promote school improvement. In a partnership, a business adopts a school or schools and shares its human and materials resources. A school and its Partner design activities each year that are mutually beneficial. The program is funded on “building relationships!”

What's in it for me?
Benefits for Business:  Benefits for Education:
  • Future Work Force
  • Community Recognition
  • Exposure to Community Diversity
  • Employee Morale Builder 
  • Increased Student Achievement
  • Positive and Professional Role Models
  • Exposure to Current Technology and Trends
  • Active Community Support
If you would like to become a Partner In Education with Liberty Middle, please contact Raquel Vasquez by telephone at 407 249-6440 ext 5154243, by email at Raquel Vasquez, by fax at 407 249-6449, or by mail at Liberty Middle School, 3405 South Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL 32829.

We wish to thank our Partners for their enthusiastic support of our school community and commend them on their commitment to enhance the education of our students. Please give your support to those who support us!