Liberty Middle School Orchestra

Joining orchestra is a wonderful opportunity for students at Liberty. In orchestra you will learn to be creative and innovative. You will exercise your critical thinking and problem solving skills which will help you interpret the music in a meaningful way. Communication and collaboration are necessary for success in orchestra, since we participate within ensembles and teams. An ensemble is a group of musicians who work together to achieve a common goal just like a team. The skills which we learn in orchestra are what we call 21st Century skills. We will exercise them daily as part of our orchestra activities in the classroom, on stage, and throughout life.

There are three orchestra levels at Liberty, and each one has its own characteristic activities. Beginning orchestra is where students learn the basics of stringed instruments such as violin, viola, cello, and double bass. The students learn how to hold them, the names of the parts of the instruments, how to read music, etc. In the intermediate orchestra we exercise our prior knowledge of the instruments and make more complex and beautiful music, while learning even more about the instruments, music theory, and composition. The advanced orchestra is composed of students who know how to play very well. The emphasis of their work is to interpret the music well enough to perform extended pieces of music with ease, power, and control. All three levels must perform at least twice a year to show their skills and to entertain the Liberty Middle School community.