School Supply List

Supply List 2020-2021


Backpack (able to carry student laptop and charger daily)

Pencil pouch (optional – to carry laptop chargers)

Microfiber Cloth – to clean computers

Wireless mouse (optional – but suggested)

1 - 2” binder or 3 - three prong folders (to transport/organize papers)

1 set of dividers [5] (optional – to use with binder)

1 package of #2 pencils sharpened (always on hand)

7 packages of #2 pencils – one pack for each teacher

1 package of blue/black ink pens

1 colored pen

1 package of highlighters

1 pack of colored pencils

3 composition notebooks (for use in Science, Social Studies, and Math)

1 roll of paper towels - Science

2-3 packages of lined notebook paper

Headphones (personal use) – No Bluetooth – Consider getting a head set

Calculator – TI-30xa (to be used for 7th grade Math and above)

Face Mask
Personal Hand Sanitizer (to be kept with student)