How to Register 

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Go to: Registration Packet

Questions should be directed to the registrar Ms. Perez 
407-249-6440 ext 5152232 or email

Select the links that apply to you:

My child is a new student in Orange County Public Schools.

My child is changing schools (i.e. transferred, moved houses).

I am the guardian (but not the parent) of a child who will attend a public school in Orange County.

I do not have an apartment or home lease or deed in my name.

I am interested in exploring a transfer

Withdrawal Procedures:

  • Legal Parent/Guardian must be present.
  • Student MUST be present.
  • All Liberty Middle School books must be returned.
  • Student must get signature & grades from all teachers.
  • Student must turn in all books.
  • Students must obtain signatures indicated on the withdrawal form.
  • Student must obtain their records and a signature from the records clerk.
  • Student must obtain final signature from the registrar.

 Withdrawal procedures may take up to 24 hour.