Welcome back, and welcome to our incoming 6th graders and new students, even if it’s just virtually! First off, I know it’s not easy to be away from your friends and school, but it will help you and others stay healthy and that is what’s most important, until we are all able to safely return to school. Remember, don’t touch your face, cough and sneeze into your elbow, and wash your hands properly for 20 seconds several times a day. That being said, all of us at Liberty Middle School are here for you and can’t wait to see everyone!

I would like to offer my help to each of you by providing 30-minute tutoring blocks through BBB. I will help you with whatever subject you need, but as many of you know, I love ME some math! Ha! On a more serious note, I would like to help you on the subject you struggle with the most.

All you have to do is sign-up here! (right click to open hyperlink) Additionally, some of your teachers will be setting-up tutoring sessions for you during your class times.

I look forward to seeing & working with you!

Mr. Losman

P.S. If there’s a time that’s not within the available window that’s more convenient for you, please email me and I’ll do my best to accommodate.